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“Green” Marketing Programs

Green Ideas has significant experience in sustainability and greening the built environment coupled with an expertise in marketing, advertising, strategy development, and program implementation. We have a deep commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability and the triple-bottom-line. All of these capacities set us apart from traditional consulting firms and make us the perfect partner to collaborate with to maximize the impact of your commitment to sustainability.

We believe the following goals to be important in choosing the correct marketing mix.

  • Gather critical data on stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors) which affect future sales

  • Drive sales through focused marketing programs

  • Drive customer loyalty through sustainability-focused incentive programs

  • Increase awareness of sustainability accomplishments

  • Develop a sustainability plan to focus messaging

  • Boost brand value by maximizing use of sustainability metrics

Marketing Strategies:

Green Ideas offers a variety of strategic marketing tactics and initiatives to support and enhance goals that will capitalize on your sustainability efforts through education, promotion and public relations. The following are brief suggestions of areas where Green Ideas can communicate the characteristics of your sustainability initiatives to your stakeholders:

Sustainability Planning:

  • Sustainability Analysis & Planning: collect and analyze existing metrics for energy, carbon and waste to create a Sustainability Roadmap – an action plan to guide your future sustainability initiatives in the six areas of Total Sustainability Value – environmental management, leadership, education, products and services, people and marketing. (Best coupled with a Stakeholder Survey)

  • Stakeholder Survey: using an online survey, we gauge your stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors) attitudes about service, quality, usage and awareness of your commitment to sustainable practices and how this impacts their behaviors.

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis: an evaluation of your company’s operations metrics (third party validation which is a great marketing tool).

  • Climate Action Planning: a phased plan designed to reduce the carbon footprint for your facilities.

  • Periodic Building Review: review building metrics (energy, water, waste) periodically for benchmarking.


  • Sales & Marketing Programs: utilizing data gathered through stakeholder surveys and the goals and metrics established through your Sustainability Analysis & Planning and resulting Sustainability Roadmap we develop tactical programs to address key issues for stakeholders such as: loyalty or incentive programs, contests to build awareness and drive web traffic, campaigns to drive sales from new and existing markets, social media and mobile marketing campaigns, etc.

  • Green Profile: a written documentation of your sustainability measures. Documentation that discusses results of sustainable measures and their impacts on the community, the environment, employees, etc. Specific, tangible metrics could be published and distributed in many possible forms.

  • Green Communications Audit:

    • Review current materials through a sustainability lens to assess:

      • Overall messaging/positioning

      • Use of existing sustainability metrics

      • Strength of web presence

      • Collateral material – brochures/flyers, mailings, newsletters, promotional items

      • Advertising approach (printed vs. digital or online media)

      • Color palette

      • Use of imagery and testimonials

    • Final report of recommendations to:

      • Strengthen sustainability message

      • Enhance web site content and customer tools

      • Develop focused approach for sustainability initiatives

  • Professional photography: arrange and direct photo shoot of new building/building upgrades, operations, fleet, clients (for testimonial purposes).

  • Poster(s): create campaign to focus on specific sustainable measures and how they were fulfilled i.e., how water saving devices were used in your project, unique materials use/re-use, etc.

  • Ad(s): create campaign for local and national publications to discuss your company’s sustainability efforts and any ongoing sustainability measures.

  • Video: showcase operations using interviews with key executives, managers, employees, etc. to be used for social media and other applications.

  • Environmental Graphics: enhance internal and/or external display signage to document energy efficiency measures, solar and/or use of vehicles for additional messaging opportunities.

Public Relations:

  • Research Awards: an investigation of significant awards to be applied for in recognition of your sustainability commitment.

  • Presentations: assist you in determining appropriate venues for presentations regarding your unique position in your industry.

  • Press Release(s): write press releases and assist your company in determining appropriate media outlets for company coverage.

  • Event-Open House: Green Ideas representative on site to assist with green building/sustainability questions for community/customer events.

  • Social Media Campaign: develop social media presence using appropriate channels to leverage green building/energy efficiency and additional sustainability measures and awareness of any items generated as part of promotions above.


  • Power Point Production: develop presentations capitalizing on your unique sustainability measures and outcomes that would be suitable for delivering at multiple venues.

  • Informational Kiosk: create a display that communicates the features and benefits of your building and operations as well as other community events, promoting continuous interaction with the community.

  • Case Study: a comparison of your company’s operations vs. competition.

  • Educational Program: a presentation to your employees (and potentially offered to the communities that you serve) to promote the awareness of your environmental sustainability.