Green Ideas, Inc. is a full service sustainability consulting firm that supports and utilizes a triple bottom line approach – environment, society and economy – in all of our work. Our goal is to drive total sustainability through efficient, cost-effective and innovative strategies that increase profitability and capitalize on market drivers. Our success with sustainable building design and practices throughout the entire lifecycle of our projects has proven that the most effective way to reduce environmental impact is through the built environment. Particularly compelling when you know that the built environment is the #1 contributor to global CO2 emissions.

Our extensive experience in high-performance building consulting, energy modeling, building commissioning, and marketing of our projects, as well as hands-on experience in the trades, has well-equipped our firm to meet all of your needs as they relate to green building to move your company towards total sustainability. The combined skills and experience of our diverse LEED accredited staff, based upon our involvement with more than 100 sustainable projects in the Americas, allows us to quickly become a value-added member of any project team. We leverage this wisdom and knowledge to help your company identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible green building strategies. Please visit the menu to the left to explore our service offerings and better understand how we can partner with your company.