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At Green Ideas we are dedicated to transformation of the built environment to one that is more resource-efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. Our energy efficiency mantra is simple: when energy consumption is measured, analyzed, and internally reported then it can be managed and improved.


Our Building Energy Optimization services start with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program. Americans are very familiar with ENERGY STAR labels: they are found on all types of energy efficient appliances and electronic gear. What many people don’t know is that the ENERGY STAR label can now also be used to show how energy efficient a building is when compared to other similar buildings.


Green Ideas is proud to be an ENERGY STAR Partner. Our energy experts have established experience, knowledge and wisdom about the design, construction, and operation of energy efficient buildings. We understand the complexities of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program and leverage it for building owners and operators

Green Ideas’ ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Services

What is ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

The EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program is a web-based energy management tool that allows building owners and managers to track and assess energy and water consumption for one building or for an entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. If you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, Portfolio Manager can help you set investment priorities, identify under-performing buildings, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance.


From office buildings to data centers and hospitals, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the preferred online energy benchmarking tool for corporate, non-profit, and government buildings. The Portfolio Manager database currently ranks over 21,000 commercial and industrial buildings across 23 different building types.


Federal agencies and state and local governments across the country are taking bold steps to protect the environment and lower energy costs. These agencies are adopting policies that leverage EPA’s ENERGY STAR tools to reduce energy use in commercial buildings. Federal agencies are required to lease space in buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR Label (Section 435 of EISA 2007). There are now 16 states and at least 26 municipalities that are leveraging the use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager through required policy measures or voluntary campaigns.


ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Service

Green Ideas can benchmark your building or portfolio in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. We will collect, validate, and enter pertinent building information (space types, size, schedule, number of occupants, etc.) and twelve months of energy and water consumption information into the Portfolio Manager database. Most of this information will be collected and vetted by phone and email to establish an accurate ENERGY STAR rating for the building.

ENERGY STAR Certification and Labeling Service

If a rated building earns an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score of 75 or higher (on a scale of 1-100) then that building is an ENERGY STAR Label candidate. The building owner or manager may then hire Green Ideas to complete the required steps to submit the completed ENERGY STAR Label application.


  1. SITE VISIT: Green Ideas will perform a site visit to meet with facility management. During this visit, we will walk the site, measure light levels, and discuss pertinent efficiency, tenant comfort and indoor air quality issues.

  2. DATA VERIFICATION: Green Ideas will verify all of the required building information that is uploaded into the Portfolio Manager database to ensure that it is current and accurate.

  3. SEAL THE DOCUMENTATION: When the Site Visit and Data Verification are complete, we will then affix the required seal to the Portfolio Manager “Statement of Energy Performance”.

  4. PREPARE APPLICATION PACKAGE: Green Ideas will assemble the ENERGY STAR Label application package for the building owner or manager to submit to the EPA.

NOTE: ratings are dynamic and can fluctuate from month-to-month depending upon operational issues. If the final rating is less than 75, or if the required building standards were not met, then Green Ideas will inform building management about the percent reduction in energy consumption that would be needed to achieve a rating of 75.


Annual ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Tracking and Re-Labeling Service

Building performance will change over time. These performance changes can vary dramatically after building managers implement energy conservation measures (ECMs) and make building upgrades. As a result, Green Ideas can be engaged annually to review and update ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Account information for each rated building. In this case, Green Ideas works on behalf of the building owner or manager to obtain the official Portfolio Manager “Statement of Energy Performance” (SEP) for each building. We will assign a Registered Architect (RA) or Professional Engineer (PE) to review the documentation per ENERGY STAR requirements for re-labeling buildings. After this activity is complete we will secure the required building owner/manager signatures and then submit the documentation for review by the EPA.


ENERGY STAR and Energy Efficiency Consulting Service

Some building owners and operators choose to engage Green Ideas in an on-going relationship to provide specific consulting to their facility management or business personnel to support efforts to earn or maintain the ENERGY STAR Label or improve the energy efficiency of their operations. In this case we leverage our expertise to perform a variety of valuable services:

  1. TECHNICAL AND FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT: Are you considering an energy saving technology or application at your facility but aren’t quite sure if it will provide the savings that you are seeking? Green Ideas can evaluate the technical and financial impacts of individual energy conservation measures (ECMs) for your specific application.

  2. ENERGY MODELING: Green Ideas leverages some of the most experienced energy modeling professionals in the country to evaluate either whole-building performance or specific energy conservation measures. We use state-of-the-art energy modeling software to evaluate energy performance, energy cost, first cost, lifecycle cost, and carbon impacts. We provide this service for both new and existing buildings.

  3. ENERGY AUDITS: Green Ideas performs energy audits of all types of facilities to meet the ASHRAE Level I, II, or III guidelines. We have evaluated many building types and sizes, including office buildings, medical facilities, schools and factories.

Sustainability Audit

Since our founding in 2002, Green Ideas Sustainability Consultants has developed unique capabilities to assess and improve sustainability strategies and programs for many types of organizations. We can benchmark the sustainability of your operations in key areas:

  1. OPERATIONAL POLICIES: We will develop a gap analysis of your Environmental Purchasing Policy, Solid Waste Management Policy, High-Performance Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Retrofit Policy, and Green Cleaning Policy.

  2. OPERATIONAL PROGRAMS: We will develop a gap analysis of your Building Exterior and Hardscape Management Plan, Integrated Pest Management Plan, Erosion Control and Landscape Management Plan, IAQ Management Program and High-Performance Cleaning Program.

  3. WATER CONSERVATION AUDIT: Green Ideas will evaluate your irrigation and domestic water consumption and provide insight on ways to conserve and reuse water efficiently to reduce costs associated with water consumption.

  4. ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM: Green Ideas will develop a comprehensive benchmark of your sustainability activities in ten key areas, including: Leadership, Culture, Metrics & Reporting, Products & Services, People, Marketing, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain.



Green Ideas can help with all of your ENERGY STAR, energy efficiency, and sustainability program needs. Contact us for a quote or for further information.