Renewable Energy Analysis

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Green Ideas helps clients evaluate and implement renewable energy strategies. We are deeply experienced in the assessment, design, and construction of solar energy systems for both new and existing facilities. We know the market and the products. We know the cost and performance parameters. We are “technology agnostic” so we will not recommend a technology for a client because of a financial relationship – instead, we will only recommend what we believe is right for you, our client. And we are committed to ensuring that these systems are designed, installed and operated to meet strict performance criteria.

Our approach to evaluating renewable energy options is aligned with the needs of our client. We consider siting and utility interconnection requirements, in addition to energy requirements and operations realities. We also evaluate available incentives and financing options.

The renewable energy market is in dramatic flux with constantly changing technology, regulations, incentives and players. Green Ideas will provide the guidance necessary when considering renewable energy options. For more information on solar energy strategies and consumer options for solar energy companies, the Consumer Affairs Solar Energy Guide is provided for review.


Renewable Energy Performance Specification Review

Nearly 90% of all new photovoltaic systems installed in the U.S. are owned by third-parties who control the design, construction and operation of the systems. Most of these systems are owned through Power Purchase Agreements or other performance contracting approaches.

Green Ideas understands the need for and the application of these approaches to PV system ownership. We will serve as your agent to ensure that the systems are designed in a robust manner that meets your needs both during and after the terms of a Power Purchase Agreement.

It is also critically important that PV systems are designed for long-term performance, especially if they are to be built and operated in extreme environments. Will the system have a high solar performance factor, ensuring long-term energy output for every kilowatt of PV installed? Are the components proven and durable? Will the specifications ensure that all of the systems materials – from the panels to the inverters to the wiring – are going to last through weather, heat and sun? Green Ideas will help ensure that your best long-term interests are considered. We provide value-added recommendations and assessment of PV system specifications to ensure high durability, performance, and energy output per dollar invested.