3900 Masthead

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3900 Masthead at Asset Management Solutions

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3900 Masthead, a 95,402 SF 3-story office building, is
operated and managed by Asset Management Solutions
(AMS) for their tenant, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS),
Dept. of the Interior. The building employs design features
and technology that significantly reduce energy and water
consumption while providing a well ventilated, healthy
building. Respect for finite resources and the health
and comfort of building occupants is also reflected in
the multiple low-impact operations and maintenance
practices used by AMS and the sustainable initiatives
implemented by the USFS. Energy efficiency measures
include T-8 fluorescent lamps, occupancy sensors, building
automation system, water source heat pumps, and
energy recovery ventilators resulting in an ENERGY STAR
performance rating of 82.


  • ENERGY STAR appliances significantly reduce the
    power used directly by occupants

  • Cooling tower water use is monitored and effectively
    managed to reduce water waste

  • Indoor air quality performance according to ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 provides superior  ventilation for improved well-being of occupants 

  • High level of lighting controls at individual
    workstations and spaces used by groups

  • Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management
    Programs reduce occupants’ exposure to toxic
    chemicals and airborne particles

  • Together, AMS and USFS divert many waste stream
    materials including commingled recyclables,
    landscape trimmings, shredded paper, batteries, and
    toner cartridges


  • LEED for Existing Buildings SILVER level achieved

  • 28% water use reduction through low-flow plumbing fixtures

  • 45% more energy efficient than similar buildings

  • 50% reduction of potable water use for irrigation

  • 100% of janitorial supplies have ecolabels or contain recycled materials

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