East Valley Bus Administration

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East Valley Bus Administration Facility

The City of Tempe, City of Scottsdale, and Valley Metro collaborated to create a sustainable Bus Operations Maintenance & Administration Campus using an integrated design process with broad scale sustainable design principles. The project includes a 64,231 SF Operations & Maintenance Facility, a 19,650 SF Administration Facility, and 7,100 SF of space designated for fueling and washing vehicles. By setting stretch sustainability goals ahead of time and tracking progress towards these targets throughout design and construction, the project team was able to achieve LEED Gold level certification for the Bus Administration Facility. The Operations & Maintenance Facility was submitted separately under the LEED for New Construction v2.1 Rating System and also achieved LEED Gold level certification.

Sustainable Strategies

  • Native and drought tolerant plant species with high-efficiency drip irrigation systems were installed to minimize potable water used for irrigation

  • Wood products used in the project were harvested from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests

  • Secure bicycle racks, showers, and changing rooms provided for occupants to encourage alternative methods to travel to-and-from work

  • Low-flow fixtures reduce domestic water use

  • An upgraded thermal envelope, reduced lighting power density, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, and an under floor air distribution system significantly improve energy efficiency

Project Results

  • LEED for New Construction GOLD level achieved

  • 50% of energy cost savings above ASHRAE 90.1-1999 energy standard

  • 80% savings of potable water used for irrigation

  • 63% of building materials were sourced from local vendors and contractors

  • 96% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill

East Valley Bus Administration Facility_LEED Facts

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