General Dynamics Roosevelt

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General Dynamics Roosevelt Facility

At the time of its certification, the General Dynamics Roosevelt Campus was the largest LEED-EB industrial certified facility in the United States. The facility, located in suburban-area Scottsdale, supports office, manufacturing, laboratory, warehousing and data center users. The site includes the similarly large Hayden Campus, which was certified in November of 2009. Green Ideas integrated several sustainable strategies into the building design/construction such as natural lighting along perimeter corridors, central air conditioning and high R-value roofing systems. The certification process has allowed the General Dynamics facility team to expand their commitment to sustainable building management, and positive results are manifesting in the corporate bottom line. A $210,000 investment in LEED-EB resulted in a first-year savings of $322,000 in the form of water savings and reduced energy use. These environmental achievements support the corporate environmental goals of General Dynamics as well as those of the City of Scottsdale.


Sustainable Strategies

  • ƒExisting turf was converted to desert landscaping

  • Cross-departmental Recycling Committee developed a successful waste diversion program

  • Comprehensive trip reduction program effectively reduces single occupancy commuting

  • Low-impact landscaping & site maintenance program saves water and maintenance costs

  • Well-managed equipment maintenance & monitoring program promotes efficient energy use

  • High-performance green janitorial program benefits all building occupants by providing better indoor environmental quality

Project Results

  • LEED for Existing Buildings Certified level achieved

  • 22%reduction in potable water use for irrigation

  • 10% energy cost savings when compared to the national average

  • 50% of durable waste was diverted from the landfill

  • 75% recycled content used in office products

General Dynamics Roosevelt_LEED Facts

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