Mariposa Land Port of Entry

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Mariposa Land Port of Entry

The Mariposa Land Port of Entry (MLPOE) is a 115,840 SF complex of buildings and inspection booths located on the U.S./Mexico border. Housing five government agencies, the project is one of the busiest land ports in the U.S. Sited on a small plateau surrounded by gentle ravines, MLPOE includes large areas of undisturbed desert habitat. Buildings are arranged to create an oasis-like north-south exterior spine with adjacent official car parking and landscaping. Roofs collect and channel storm water, which is stored underground and used for landscape irrigation. Integrally insulated Thermomass site-cast concrete walls, both durable and low-maintenance, are functional inside and out. Sustainable strategies integrated into the design and construction of the MLPOE project allowed it to earn LEED Gold level certification.

Sustainable Strategies

  • ƒThe site includes 24 acres of open landscaped space; 9 times greater than the building area

  • Solar thermal water heating reduces the demand for electricity and gas

  • Parking near entrances is designated for drivers of low-emitting, fuel efficient vehicles as an incentive to promote cleaner air and reduce fuel consumption

  • Interior materials including paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, carpeting, cabinets and furnishings were selected to have low or zero off-gassing effects

  • The urban heat island effect is reduced by highly reflective roofs and concrete paving instead of asphalt

Project Results

  • LEED for New Construction GOLD level achieved

  • 35% of energy cost savings above ASHRAE 90.1-2004 energy standard

  • 100% reduction of potable water use for irrigation

  • 38% reduction of domestic water use

  • 97% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill


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