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Engaging Building Science Modeling Shouldn’t Cost Your Project More

Have you ever wanted to engage building science in your design process but think it costs more? Well I’m here to tell you it shouldn’t… It also shouldn’t cost more upfront to certify your project under a third-party Rating System if you understand the process (trust me I’ve actually saved the project money by using the process illustrated below this post)…

Also, when you’ve undergone a third-party design validation, you can feel much more confident about your marketing capabilities as an owner. This is simply because someone has had to quantify your project performance and execution. That sounds much better to me rather than allowing your marketing campaign to fall into the actively greenwashing category because there isn’t actual data to backup your claims… Just because you say it happened doesn’t mean it actually did…

If you want to stay away from greenwashing as a building owner, follow this simple process:


We’re here to help! We don’t like greenwashing so let us assist your project team in telling the story of project design evolution through the visualization of data. Call us today and we will quantify your facility’s performance!