High-Performance Building Consulting

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How do you create a high-performance building? At Green Ideas we believe it begins with the owner’s goals, understanding that the focus lies within Return on Investment (ROI). The strongest ROI for green building starts when the building’s level of performance increases. We pride ourselves in pushing the bar on building performance first and foremost through energy and water efficiencies. In doing so we continually remind our clients of the importance of the golden rule of efficiency – what is measured can be managed and improved.

Green Ideas facilitates high-level strategy sessions for the sustainable planning, development, design and construction of buildings, campuses and facilities. Through experience we have developed many proprietary tools to effectively identify, facilitate and achieve high-performance building goals. It is imperative these goals are reinforced throughout the various phases of the project. Please review our list of services to learn in further detail how Green Ideas can help make your building a high-performer.