Our top building science services

By admin 3 months ago

As we begin 2024, we would like to remind our AEC industry colleagues like you of the high-performance building science services that Green Ideas Building Science Consultants can offer towards your project success. We offer several key services that are now required by building codes whether or not your project is targeting a green building certification for your project. Some of our services include:

LEED Strategy Development & Implementation: Green Ideas takes an integrated approach to the sustainable design and construction process, regardless of project type or delivery method.  This focus ensures that the goals and performance requirements targeted in the design phase are actually realized once the project is built and occupied. For LEED projects, we will generate an integrated LEED strategy in support of the owner’s requirements, work with the project design team throughout the design phase to ensure that the final design is optimized and LEED-compliant, then support the construction project team throughout the construction phase to implement LEED strategies. At project completion, we perform LEED Online documentation activities, administer the final review process, and serve as your USGBC/GBCI liaison until LEED certification is complete.

Several other key building science services outlined below are required for LEED certification of your project but are sometimes necessary for projects that are not pursuing a certification. We can perform all of these other building science related services for your project:

Energy Modeling: We utilize various software packages as appropriate to execute Energy Modeling studies that evaluate energy efficient design strategies to determine technologies and systems appropriate for a project. Our goal is to minimize building loads through whole-building analysis in order to right-size mechanical systems thereby reducing initial and operating costs. We evaluate building site orientation and solar exposure to take advantage of free energy that the sun provides daily, then evaluate the building envelope and mechanical systems as well as renewable energy systems. Energy Modeling will reduce the risk of improper design and uncertainty and demonstrate compliance with building codes and rating systems. Modeling can be used in lieu of COMcheck for code compliance.

Daylight Modeling: Our Daylight Modeling software will evaluate the best strategies to introduce natural light into building designs to minimize the need for artificial lighting, thereby reducing energy consumption and promoting a healthier indoor environment. This design tool is a foundation of high-performance building design that concentrates on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and occupant health and well-being. Other benefits of daylighting include lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved occupant comfort, health, and productivity. Our Daylight Modeling results can also be used to show compliance with green building rating system documentation requirements like the LEED “Daylight” and “Quality Views” credits.

Building Systems Commissioning: Another cornerstone of high-performance building design that concentrates on energy efficiency is commissioning of a building’s energy-using systems. Now a requirement of most building codes, commissioning has evolved into a key element of high-performance building design, construction, and operations. We can create commissioning plans and specifications, as well as perform the actual onsite verification of proper equipment installation and operation. Various degrees of Building Systems Commissioning are required within green building rating systems like LEED, and we can perform all necessary commissioning elements to contribute to your project’s success.

Thermal Comfort & Glare Analyses: Green Ideas can also perform Thermal Comfort and Glare Analyses by working with your project team to analyze comfort and sunlight glare in building spaces. We will conduct Thermal Autonomy (TA) Analysis which is the percentage of occupied time where a point of space meets or exceeds a given set of thermal comfort acceptability criteria. Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) Analysis which refers to the percentage of space that receives too much direct sunlight (1,000 LUX or more for at least 250 occupied hours per year), which can cause glare or increased cooling loads. Thermal comfort is important for the health and well-being of building occupants as well as increased productivity. Poor thermal comfort and glare will cause stress among building occupants, and with the post-COVID emphasis on creating healthy building spaces we can help you to differentiate your designs from the competition.

Life-Cycle Analysis: Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA) are becoming more important for high-performance building projects. For LEED projects, we can conduct an LCA of the project’s structure and enclosure that demonstrates a minimum of 10% reduction, compared with a baseline building, in at least three of the six impact categories listed in the LEED Reference Guide.  We focus on GWP, ODP, acidification, eutrophication, and depletion of non-renewable energy resources. One LEED point is available for just performing the LCA, and four additional points are available based on the project’s performance. An extra credit LEED Regional Priority point is also available if four or more points are achieved within this LEED credit.

All of Green Ideas’ building science services have been developed to save design and construction teams time while providing the best possible outcome for building owners. As we begin our 21st year in business, we look forward to working with you and your high-performance design, construction and operations team to increase profitability and minimize unnecessary work.

We’ve never failed to meet our client’s expectations for their projects. We have certified over 120 LEED projects since Green Ideas started business operations in 2002. Many of our projects have earned higher levels of LEED certification than initially targeted due to our streamlined way of doing business. Please contact us at www.Egreenideas.com or 480-220-4330 for assistance with your building science needs.