Helen Cordero Primary School

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Helen Cordero Primary School

The Helen Cordero Primary was designed as a 750-student offering kindergarten through 2nd grade while promoting Albuquerque school district’s interest in sustainability and energy savings. The building has become a showcase for sustainable design and LEED certification through unique green building strategies, such as daylighting and natural ventilation, in order to provide a superior learning environment. The site includes a cloistered courtyard housing all classrooms, and a perforated wall connecting 3 buildings on the south to provide shaded play areas and outdoor classrooms. The design team originally targeted LEED Silver, however after implementing multiple design strategies and a strong commitment to sustainability by the entire project team the building earned LEED Gold level certification.

Sustainable Strategies

  • High-performance, reflective roofing system and cool paving reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect

  • Occupancy sensors and permanent monitoring system were installed to minimize energy use

  • Low-flow fixtures reduce domestic water use

  • Onsite rainwater harvesting system reduces potable water use irrigation

  • Low VOC-emitting materials for the building’s interior creates enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Wood products used in the project were harvested from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests

Project Results

  • LEED for Schools Gold level achieved

  • 26% energy cost savings above ASHRAE 90.1-2004 energy standard

  • 40% reduction in potable water for domestic use

  • 50% savings of potable water use for irrigation

  • 57% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill

Helen Cordero Primary School_LEED Facts

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