Building Information Modeling Process Consulting & Strategic Implementation

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Strategizing BIM

Quantifying BIM Performance

Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes are regularly becoming adopted throughout the AEC industry. Many times BIM is seen as a standalone tool that can be utilized to expedite project deliverables. Most firms will take an “add-on” approach to incorporating BIM technologies into existing processes without a full understanding of the implications of the interjected software solution. Intuition often explains away the deeper question of whether or not the new software tool or related processes actually improve firm-wide project productivity. Green Ideas can help quantify BIM performance and ultimately analyze the underlying processes that link building data to deliverables and project documentation so your firm can excel at delivering future work.

Project Delivery Management

Better, faster, economical AND high-performance… These words are resonating with owners throughout the real estate industry and concurrently having a major impact on the way AEC teams operate to deliver buildings that meet these expectations. While BIM allows for project teams to design and construct more efficiently, it is not always as simple an equation to put BIM pieces together and execute. Process and management of that specific process ultimately will dictate success. The BIM process crosses the boundaries of contractual relationships, internal management structure, risk allocation and ultimately deliverables and data expectations. At Green Ideas, we are well-equipped to work with your firm’s management team to identify delivery goals and current capabilities in order to develop a roadmap for project delivery improvement. We assist in the development of firm-wide project delivery standards and dive deeper into specific projects and help to provide focussed methods for the successful delivery of highly technical projects. It is important to remember that while BIM and related technologies have opened the door for exciting advances in the project delivery realm, without the proper processes and personnel management techniques in place, these technological solutions may only introduce team-wide confusion.


What does it really mean to conduct detached research in the AEC industry? Often times, readily available research is tied to a specific vendor or company and isn’t as applicable or scalable as an organization needs for individual projects. Green Ideas has a unique viewpoint and diverse network from which to draw information. We work with different disciplines and company sizes on a daily basis. We observe and internally research the changing landscape of the AEC industry. This mix of network access, internal technical aptitude and disconnection from the standard sales pitch allows us to engage in impartial and grounded research for specific benefit. We often share internal research to help push the envelope in high-performance design, construction, and operations but we also engage in private research endeavors for various organizations.

Implementing BIM

Standardize-to-Repeat Success

“We can do that on the next project.”

“The time constraints for this project don’t allow for definition of best practices.”

“We can get an intern to document our processes later.”

Too often these phrases are used at firms when it pertains to the proper documentation of repeatable project delivery methods and processes. After all, efficiently delivering projects is what drive profit and ultimately success; not internalizing resources. That being said, often times, a process or problem that a project team encounters has already been solved by someone on a previous project. So why reinvent the wheel every time you come across that scenario? Based on previous research and best practice development, Green Ideas will assist your firm in the development of a set of best practice guidelines that are customized to the specifics and unique composition of your firm and ultimately introduce them to your personnel as part of your process.

Intelligent Information Management Planning

Too often, BIM content and data is under-utilized by firms and the intrinsic value of building information re-use for productivity improvements is lost as a result. Investment in a content library cannot be overlooked and a proper library must be accompanied by a vision and strategic management plan. Information libraries are becoming increasingly more important as the horizon of a model-based delivery method is quickly approaching. Strategic re-use of intelligent information is the impetus of productive design and construction, ultimately freeing time for discovery and innovation.

Whether your firm seeks to increase productivity for project documentation, further integrate building science analysis into your design process, introduce prefabrication and automation services into your construction toolbox or push the envelope in the use of technology for building turnover, Green Ideas will work with your firm to define the purpose of your content and assist in establishing an intelligent information management strategy.

BIM Execution Planning

So you’ve won the project and BIM is mandated… What next?

Green Ideas is experienced in cultivating teams and developing custom BIM Execution Plans to successfully deliver projects and exceed expectations. Through the engagement of a planning charrette with key team members and production personnel, we identify and develop a plan that focuses on project goals and constraints, change management, and implementation workflow.