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Green Ideas is a consulting firm that provides a unique perspective on performance driven building design, construction and operations that is unparalleled in the industry.

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By analyzing your project requirements and through the use of cutting-edge technologies, we assist in the creation of a high-performance building. We identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible building-science strategies.

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Our energy efficiency mantra is simple…what is measured can be managed and improved. By benchmarking your energy consumption, we can help improve your bottom line.

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We are a client-centric organization committed to enhancing your image, position, and visibility in the transforming marketplace.

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Green Ideas’ building science approach to improving the lifecycle performance of our client’s projects reverses the negative trends commonly associated with the design, construction and operation of buildings.

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Green Ideas has been a leader in the green building science community since our president Charlie Popeck founded the Arizona Chapter of the USGBC in 2002. Our commitment to high-performance building design, construction and operations practices has been recognized globally. Stay up to date with our current events:

Green Ideas Visits Grand Opening of Eureka! Restaurant

April 16, 2024
Green Ideas President Charlie Popeck recently visited the new Eureka! restaurant for its grand opening at the Novus Innovation Corridor in Tempe, AZ. Located within Novus Place, a main street retail district in the heart of Novus, Eureka! is situated on the ground floor of The Piedmont, a multi-family and retail project that Green Ideas LEED certified for the developer Aspen Height Partners on 7-5-22. You can learn more about the project here. The restaurant is approximately 4,800 square feet, and seats up to 203 guests. It  features a large central bar and an outdoor patio with a water feature. Eureka! offers 20 craft beers on tap from several local breweries, but Charlie only had one, as he needed to get back to the office to work on other projects targeting LEED certification within Novus. Find out more about Eureka! on the cover of the April 2024 issue of Tempe City Lifestyle magazine. Read the full article here.

Integrating LEED Requirements into University of Arizona’s Historic Chemistry Building

March 4, 2024
The University of Arizona in Tucson was recently awarded a LEED Silver level certification for the iconic Old Chemistry Building as a demonstration of how new, sustainable design and building strategies can be applied to a historic building to create a 21st century collaborative teaching and learning space. Green Ideas Building Science Consultants was asked to manage the LEED certification process for the U of A Chemistry Building project by Shepley Bulfinch Architects. We were honored to join the project team so dedicated to sustainable, high-performance design and construction methods…especially considering that LEED certification was not originally targeted for the project due to the historic nature of the building and the challenges that would undoubtedly be encountered with transforming the 85-year-old lab building. Of course, the University of Arizona’s commitment to sustainability and LEED certification, along with the opportunity to work with Shepley-Bulfinch Architects added to Green Ideas’ excitement about joining the project team. The building had lot of issues which needed to be resolved which were not just code related but associated to some of the important LEED aspects like indoor air quality and thermal comfort, and the LEED program was the perfect solution to help to identify these issues and resolve them. According to Pete Rasmussen, Shepley-Bulfinch’s lead Architect for the project, if not located in a historic district the building would have been demolished. Collaboration among the full team was necessary during the project, as it was designed and constructed during the pandemic. Coordination was accomplished nicely by Shepley Bulfinch and construction partner Sundt Construction of Tucson. This collaborative process enabled the team to stay ahead of pandemic-related procurement and material issues, also helping to accelerate specification of building products which resulted in ten to thirty percent savings of escalation costs of some materials. Once onboard, Green Ideas began the project by reviewing all project details and developing a viable LEED credit strategy to achieve LEED certification in the most streamlined manner possible. Luckily, the project team had been implementing an integrative design process to the project as directed by Shepley-Bulfinch Architects. Although the LEED Integrative Design Process credit was not targeted the requirements for developing detailed energy and water use budgets were followed, and the project team still focused on design strategies that would deliver the most efficient energy and water savings possible. It was determined that LEED Silver level certification was feasible for the project, so in addition to energy and water savings the team also targeted healthy indoor environment strategies for building occupants by specifying no Red List materials throughout and implementing onsite construction strategies to earn additional LEED credits. LEED points within the following LEED credit categories were achieved: Location & Transportation Category (12 of 16 possible points achieved) A remarkable 12 of 16 possible points were earned in this LEED category that awards points for locating a project near local amenities and transportation alternatives. Points were awarded for the Sensitive Land Protection, High Priority Site, Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses, Access to

Our top building science services

February 16, 2024
As we begin 2024, we would like to remind our AEC industry colleagues like you of the high-performance building science services that Green Ideas Building Science Consultants can offer towards your project success. We offer several key services that are now required by building codes whether or not your project is targeting a green building certification for your project. Some of our services include: LEED Strategy Development & Implementation: Green Ideas takes an integrated approach to the sustainable design and construction process, regardless of project type or delivery method.  This focus ensures that the goals and performance requirements targeted in the design phase are actually realized once the project is built and occupied. For LEED projects, we will generate an integrated LEED strategy in support of the owner’s requirements, work with the project design team throughout the design phase to ensure that the final design is optimized and LEED-compliant, then support the construction project team throughout the construction phase to implement LEED strategies. At project completion, we perform LEED Online documentation activities, administer the final review process, and serve as your USGBC/GBCI liaison until LEED certification is complete. Several other key building science services outlined below are required for LEED certification of your project but are sometimes necessary for projects that are not pursuing a certification. We can perform all of these other building science related services for your project: Energy Modeling: We utilize various software packages as appropriate to execute Energy Modeling studies that evaluate energy efficient design strategies to determine technologies and systems appropriate for a project. Our goal is to minimize building loads through whole-building analysis in order to right-size mechanical systems thereby reducing initial and operating costs. We evaluate building site orientation and solar exposure to take advantage of free energy that the sun provides daily, then evaluate the building envelope and mechanical systems as well as renewable energy systems. Energy Modeling will reduce the risk of improper design and uncertainty and demonstrate compliance with building codes and rating systems. Modeling can be used in lieu of COMcheck for code compliance. Daylight Modeling: Our Daylight Modeling software will evaluate the best strategies to introduce natural light into building designs to minimize the need for artificial lighting, thereby reducing energy consumption and promoting a healthier indoor environment. This design tool is a foundation of high-performance building design that concentrates on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and occupant health and well-being. Other benefits of daylighting include lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved occupant comfort, health, and productivity. Our Daylight Modeling results can also be used to show compliance with green building rating system documentation requirements like the LEED “Daylight” and “Quality Views” credits. Building Systems Commissioning: Another cornerstone of high-performance building design that concentrates on energy efficiency is commissioning of a building’s energy-using systems. Now a requirement of most building codes, commissioning has evolved into a key element of high-performance building design, construction, and operations. We can create commissioning plans and specifications, as well as perform

Green Ideas Project Wins USGBC Leadership Award

November 9, 2023
The University of Denver Burwell Center for Career Achievement building has won the coveted USGBC Leadership Award.  This impressive project was presented the Design + Construction Award on November 1, 2023, at the USGBC Mountain Region’s Leadership Awards event. The award is given to a design and construction project that has demonstrated use of new technologies and strategies to push the envelope of high-performance design and meet project challenges in an innovative manner. Green Ideas Building Science Consultants was asked to spearhead the LEED certification process for the Burwell Center project by the architecture firm Lake-Flato Architects. We were immediately excited to join the team because of the University of Denver’s commitment to LEED Platinum level certification (the highest level possible) and the highly regarded reputation of Lake-Flato Architects. Some of the sustainable strategies employed in the project include: Green Ideas Building Science Consultants is honored to have been a member of the progressive project team for the Burwell Center project.  The building earned LEED PLATINUM level certification on September 14, 2022, achieving 81 of the possible 110 available points within the LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) Rating System. You can see the more details about the certification at Green Ideas Building Science Consultant’s website at Egreenideas.com. 

Green Ideas at 20 Years: Developing the LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System

October 23, 2023
As Green Ideas approaches the end of our 20th anniversary year, we promised to share some of the projects that have made us one of the top building science consulting firms in the United States. This month we’re sharing how Green Ideas helped develop the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Rating System (LEED-EB) for facility management by applying the LEED-EB Version 1 Pilot program to the General Dynamics Roosevelt Facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Project History: After our President Charlie Popeck completed a presentation about the current LEED Rating Systems available at an International Facility Management Association (IFMA) event, he was approached by Patrick Okamura, the Facility Director at General Dynamics in Scottsdale. Like Charlie, Patrick had a great interest in sustainability issues and asked how the newly introduced LEED-EB program could be applied to General Dynamics’ facilities. At the time, Patrick believed that LEED could only be applied to new construction projects, and since most of the General Dynamics facilities were constructed back in 1957, he was unsure if LEED could be applied to his buildings.  Charlie explained that the LEED-EB system was new, in fact, it was in the “pilot” phase, meaning that the U.S. Green Building Council had just introduced the system, and that it was designed to be used for facility management projects-NOT new construction. LEED pilot programs are typically used by USGBC to introduce new rating systems to the Architecture-Engineering-Construction-Operations (AECO) industry to provide potential users with a framework to apply high-performance design, building, and operations strategies to their projects. USGBC then encourages feedback from the initial users to improve the newly formed programs for future applications. Being the progressive Facility Manager that Patrick is, he jumped at the chance to apply the LEED-EB pilot program to General Dynamics’ facilities. Being new to the LEED-EB program themselves, the Green Ideas team needed to get up to speed with the LEED-EB rating system, and worked alongside Patrick and the General Dynamics facility management staff to apply the system and then secure what would eventually be the first and largest industrial facility in the U.S. to secure LEED-EB certification. After several months of working closely with the General Dynamics’ facility management staff, Green Ideas helped to design and implement several sustainable operations and maintenance programs for the facility, such as converting existing turf to desert landscaping, using natural lighting along perimeter corridors, installing central air conditioning and high R-value roofing systems. Since the General Dynamics facility was not eligible for an EPA ENERGY STAR rating, Green Ideas worked with the USGBC to develop a new methodology to benchmark and compare industrial and other high energy use facilities to meet the requirements of the LEED Optimize Energy Performance credit requirements.  This effort was so successful that it was adopted by the USGBC as an optional compliance approach in all future versions of the LEED-EB rating system. The certification process allowed the General Dynamics facility team to expand their commitment to sustainable building management, and positive results have

Green Ideas Working on LEED Silver Certification for Rancho Cordova in Sacramento

October 10, 2023
Green Ideas is excited to assist with LEED Silver certification for the new $18.4 million Rancho Cordova Center Phase 2 Project at the Los Rios Community College District. We are supporting Studio W Architects of Sacramento, California as they design the campus addition to provide lecture classrooms, multi-disciplinary laboratory spaces, and enhanced amenities to this satellite educational center. The satellite education center will focus on the transient nature of the student population and encourage students’ connection to the campus by providing areas for study and gathering in-between classes. Studio W Architects utilized the lobbies, corridors and spaces outside of the traditional classrooms, lecture rooms and labs to incorporate group social areas and individualized study pods. The 21,000 square foot, two-story building will be added to the existing campus on a compact 3-acre site in the City of Rancho Cordova. The design for the new building will complement the architectural vocabulary of the Phase 1 building, reinforcing the campus identity, enhancing student success and programmatically balancing space for student and faculty needs. The expansion will reinforce the campus’ connection with the community and adjacent amenities, including the Regional Transit hub and the eventual home of the City of Rancho Cordova Civic Center, which is also currently in development. The Rancho Cordova Center Phase 2 Project has completed design and will start construction soon. It is emphasizing energy and water efficiency through enhanced mechanical systems, water efficient fixtures and building systems commissioning. “We are honored to be supporting Studio W Architects and the construction team on this important project. We look forward to working with Los Rios Community College District, the City of Rancho Cordova and the users of this exceptional building” said Green Ideas’ President Charlie Popeck. Stay tuned to Green Ideas Building Science Consultants at our LinkedIn page and website to learn more about other projects we’re working on around the globe.

Green Ideas Pursuing LEED Certification for 3 Fox Restaurants at Novus Innovation Corridor

September 28, 2023
The Novus Innovation Corridor in Tempe, Arizona is about to add three high-end restaurants to the development. The three stand-alone restaurants are owned by Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC). Flower Child, Blanco Taco Cocina + Cantina and North Italia are being designed by Nelsen Partners Architects & Planners and will complete construction in 2024. LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) certification will be completed for all three shortly afterwards. The restaurants will be located adjacent to each other within Novus Place, the entertainment district within the Novus Innovation Corridor which will include 275,000 square feet of dining, shopping and entertainment venues. Novus Place also will serve as the central gathering place for residents and visitors who want to visit and explore Novus Place along shaded walkways and paved bike paths at the community’s urban parks and pedestrian promenades. The FRC restaurants will offer outdoor patios, valet parking and take-out spaces and are scheduled to open in 2024. The three restaurants will be around in an urban park currently in design. “Considering that all three restaurants are located on the same parcel at Novus, we will be utilizing the LEED Campus Approach for the restaurants, meaning that the required LEED documentation will be submitted for the certification as one to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This approach simplifies the LEED process and will expedite the final LEED award for the projects” said Green Ideas President Charlie Popeck. Novus is a public-private partnership between ASU and Catellus Development Corporation. Upon completion, Novus will also encompass 4.5 million square feet of premium Class A office space, hospitality assets and 4,100 residences. For more information, visit NovusASU.com.

Third Multifamily LEED Certified Project at Novus on Track for January 2026 Completion

September 8, 2023
The third multifamily project to be LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) certified within the Novus Innovation Corridor is on schedule and progressing as expected for completion in January 2026, according to Marc Anderson of MT Builders, the General Contractor for Parcel 3G. Charlie Popeck, President of Green Ideas Building Science Consultants, recently met with Mr. Anderson to observe the construction progress at the Parcel 3G project. The Parcel 3G project is the second by Transwestern Development Company at The Novus Innovation Corridor, a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certified master planned project at the ASU campus in Tempe, Arizona.  The seven-story 333-unit mid-rise apartment complex, located on 2.4 acres at the southeast corner of 6th Street and Rural Road, will include a resort-style pool and clubhouse, a coworking lounge area, state-of-the-art fitness center, coworking space, package lockers and bike storage. Each unit will be outfitted with a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops and hardwood-style flooring. Green Ideas is also working to secure LEED-NC certification for another Transwestern project at Novus, the Parcel 3F (aka: VERO) development. Scheduled for completion in June 2024, this project includes 200 apartment units being built on .96 acres that will include many of the same popular amenities as the Parcel 3G building. This project will be the second multifamily project within the Novus to achieve LEED certification. We previously LEED certified “The Piedmont”, which was the first multifamily project at Novus to earn the required LEED certification in July of 2022. Developed by Aspen Heights Partners, The Piedmont is now leasing with great interest due to the “live, work and play” features provided at Novus. More information about The Piedmont and other Green Ideas’ projects is available at Egreenideas.com. “We are honored to be working with Transwestern Development Company on both of these Novus projects” said Green Ideas’ President Charlie Popeck. “Although Parcel 3G is just coming out of the ground, there is high anticipation for the project to be completed in 2026, adding much needed housing to the Novus Innovation Corridor development. Parcel 3G will truly be another huge Novus accomplishment”. Stay tuned to Green Ideas Building Science Consultants at our LinkedIn page and website to learn more about these and future projects we’re working on at Novus and around the globe.

Green Ideas Building Science Consultants Play Leadership Role in ASU’s New American University

July 27, 2023
Arizona State University President Michael Crow recently released an announcement and video detailing the school’s mission to create the New American University. Green Ideas Building Science Consultants is honored and excited to revisit the role we’ve played in this important transformation. Learn more about the Novus Innovation Corridor at ASU. The video illustrates President Crow’s success in building a new university prototype that is “scalable, agile, and powerfully impactful.” Green Ideas has been deeply involved with the University and this process in several ways for more than 20 years! We have been a key team member in ASU’s transformation from the beginning, managing the LEED certification process for more than twelve buildings on all 3 major ASU campuses in Arizona. We were instrumental in assisting Catellus Development Corporation with the LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certification for the entire Novus Innovation Corridor in 2021. This project was the largest LEED-ND certified development in the U.S. Learn more about the certification here. Green Ideas’ President Charlie Popeck has also been active for many years at the ASU Del E. Webb School of Construction as a lecturer focused on Sustainable Design and Construction. He currently teaches the Sustainable Construction course at the college. Some of the ASU projects that Green Ideas has completed include: ASU Biodesign Building A (LEED-NC GOLD Certified 6-19-07) – ASU Tempe Campus. The first LEED project to be certified at ASU. See Green Ideas Project Profile ASU Biodesign Building B (LEED-NC PLATINUM Certified 6-27-07) – ASU Tempe Campus. The first LEED PLATINUM project to be certified in Arizona. See Green Ideas Project Profile ASU Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building #3 (ISTB3) (LEED-NC GOLD Certified 9-17-07) – ASU Polytechnic Campus. The first LEED project to be certified at the Polytechnic Campus in Mesa. See Green Ideas Project Profile ASU Polytechnic Academic Buildings (LEED-NC GOLD Certified 9-17-09) – ASU Polytechnic Campus. See Green Ideas Project Profile ASU Memorial Union Remodel (LEED-CI GOLD Certified 10-30-09) – ASU Tempe Campus. See Green Ideas Project Profile ASU Herberger Young Scholars Academy (LEED-NC GOLD Certified 2-12-18) – ASU West Campus. See Green Ideas Project Profile Most recently, Green Ideas has been working on several projects within the Novus Innovation Corridor at ASU with master developer Catellus Development Corporation. We have completed the Novus-required LEED certification for these projects: Novus 777 Tower (LEED-NC GOLD Certified 9-16-20) – ASU Tempe Campus. The first LEED project to be certified at Novus. See Green Ideas Project Profile or read more about Novus 777 Tower here. The Piedmont (LEED-NC SILVER Certified 9-8-22) – ASU Tempe Campus. The second LEED project to be certified at Novus. The first multifamily project to achieve LEED certification at Novus in September of 2022. See Green Ideas Project Profile or read more about The Piedmont here. We are currently working to complete LEED certification for several other Novus projects including: Wentworth Novus Parcel 4F (Rio Yards). Read more here. Transwestern Novus Parcel 3F (VERO). Read more here. Transwestern Novus Parcel 3G (Palmera on 6th).

Green Ideas Helping New Lotus Point Apartments Project Achieve LEED Silver Certification

July 7, 2023
Green Ideas recently began working on Lotus Point Apartments, an exciting new multi-family project targeting LEED Silver certification in Mesa, AZ. The project, owned by StarPoint Development of Beverly Hills, California, is a 245-unit transit-oriented development scheduled for completion in 2025. Designed by Circle West Architects, this best-in-class, four-story property will feature a mix of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. It will offer modern amenities including a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, co-working facility and a demonstration kitchen. Parking will include 369 tuck-under and on-grade parking spots. Construction will be performed by Waltz Construction of Tempe, AZ. The project’s convenient location is key to earning several of the LEED for New Construction program’s credits in the Location & Transportation category. It is strategically located near Phoenix’s main transportation arteries, just one mile from SR-101, one and one-half miles from SR-202, and two miles from US-60. Residents of Lotus Point will have easy access to many of the region’s work and cultural centers. The Sycamore Station light rail stop is within a short walk, providing residents with car-free access to downtown Mesa, Arizona State University, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and downtown Phoenix. The project is also adjacent to a Safeway neighborhood center with multiple retail amenities. Lotus Point will have a walk score of 78 and a bike score of 94, adding to the total LEED certification score. Stay tuned to Green Ideas Building Science Consultants for project updates as Lotus Point becomes a reality.

Green Ideas Continuing Work at Phoenix Sky Harbor with New Chase Sapphire Lounge LEED Certification

June 23, 2023
Green Ideas is excited to be working with Alston Construction on the new Chase Sapphire Lounge project at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The lounge is targeting LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) Gold level certification per Chase’s impressive commitment to high-performance design and construction practices and will be completed in January 2024. The lounge, a 3,592 SF space located in Concourse Level 3 in Terminal 4, is especially significant for Green Ideas, as we completed the Terminal 4 South Concourse 1 project at the same airport last year with McCarthy Construction. That project is scheduled to achieve LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) Silver level certification sometime in 2024. It’s also an important project as Green Ideas expands its footprint to work with clients around the globe. In this case, Chase has developed several Sapphire Lounge projects in airports including Boston’s Logan International Airport, the Austin-Bergstrom Airport, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, and the Hong Kong International Airport. We are assisting Alston Construction with creation of a Construction Waste Management Plan, Indoor Air Quality Management Plan, an Indoor Air Quality Assessment, and selection / purchasing of sustainable materials that have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) available…all in order to satisfy the typical general contractor’s responsibilities within the LEED program. Amenities at the lounges include spaces for working or relaxing, wellness areas, private bathrooms with showers, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, and local food and beverage options. See more about the Chase Sapphire Lounges at https://account.chase.com/sapphire-airport-lounge.

Second Multifamily LEED Project at Novus on Track for June 2024 Completion

June 17, 2023
The Novus Parcel 3F (aka: VERO) project will be the second multifamily project to be LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC) certified within the Novus Innovation Corridor, a LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certified master planned development at the ASU campus in Tempe, Arizona. It is scheduled for completion in June 2024. According to Marc Anderson of MT Builders, the General Contractor for Parcel 3F, everything is on schedule and progressing as expected. Green Ideas Building Science Consultant’s President Charlie Popeck recently met with Mr. Anderson to observe the construction progress at the Transwestern Development Company’s development. The 200-unit apartment project on .96 acres will include popular amenities, including a resort-style pool with lounge area, a state-of-the-art fitness center, coworking space, a communal area with a kitchen, and bike storage. Each unit will be outfitted with a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood-style flooring, with some units offering upgrades such as custom built-ins, balconies and Murphy beds. Green Ideas previously helped to LEED certify “The Piedmont,” which was the first multifamily project at Novus to achieve the required LEED certification in July of 2022. Developed by Aspen Heights Partners, The Piedmont is now leasing with great interest due to the “live, work and play” features provided at Novus. More information about The Piedmont and other Green Ideas’ projects is available on our website. “We are very excited to be working with such a progressive organization,” said Green Ideas’ President Charlie Popeck of his work with Transwestern Development Company on the VERO Project at Novus. Green Ideas is also working on the Novus Parcel 3G project with Transwestern. That project, scheduled for completion in January 2026, is currently coming out of the ground and will be another hallmark facility within the Novus Innovation Corridor. Stay tuned to Green Ideas Building Science Consultants at our LinkedIn page and website to learn more about these and future projects we’re working on at Novus and around the globe.

Another Innovative Step at Novus – Rio Yards Parcel 4F Building Update

May 25, 2023
The unique and forward-thinking Novus Innovation Corridor development in Tempe, Arizona is taking another important step forward. Wentworth Property Company has nearly completed Parcel 4F at Novus (aka: Rio Yards). The project has been designed to create a dynamic atmosphere that attracts blue-chip and high-tech tenants seeking distinctive office space within the highly innovative, technology-focused setting of Novus. Upon completion, the 25-acre site will consist of 480,000 to 560,000 square feet of creative office space in addition to three parking structures and a central, pedestrian-focused amenity area. Having been at the forefront of building science, green building, and LEED certifications for over 20 years, Green Ideas is proud of its integral role at the Novus Innovation Corridor. This development, true to its name, demonstrates leadership and innovation in many ways. In addition to aggressive green building and sustainability goals, Novus is a place where the private sector can interact with ASU’s knowledge assets and create opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate with business. The initial phase of the Parcel 4F development has been built on a speculative basis with subsequent phases to follow.  Phase I is a 4-story, 157,000 square foot office building that includes associated access drives, surface and structured parking, landscape improvements, entry features, and hardscape with amenity areas.  Phases 2 and 3 will consist of two additional buildings of approximately 150,000-200,000 square feet each with related improvements.  The buildings are thoughtfully designed from a sustainability perspective to maximize the user experience on the site, capitalize on solar orientation, utilize shading techniques, and reflect a material palette appropriate to the Sonoran Desert. The project was designed to encourage pedestrian connectivity and density both within the parcel and within the overall context of the Novus Innovation Corridor.  The design intentionally routes auto circulation to the perimeter of the site to create a seamless connection between buildings and future phases of the greater creative office district.  A central, outdoor amenity space and drop-off area will act as a cohesive centerpiece to serve all buildings and anchor the development with the flexibility to host a number of outdoor events.  Shading devices will reduce the urban heat island effect and promote activity in the outdoor areas for an extended portion of the year and encourage use of proposed amenities including barbeque grills, bocce ball courts, a putting green, seating areas and lush desert landscaping.  The building orientation and native landscape design provides a meaningful connection to outdoor spaces for end users and visitors.  Landscape and hardscape applications include trees along major pedestrian corridors, landscape buffers and hardscape transitions between areas of respite and seating adjacent to circulation routes, a variety of seating options and flexible spaces, and a central open space for a variety of functions and uses. The proposed landscaping also promotes low water-use plant material and appropriate trees for shade, wayfinding, and continuous aesthetics throughout the site. These high-performance building strategies will save thousands of gallons of water every year. The Rio Yards project is targeting Leadership in Energy

Green Ideas Supports Construction of New High-Performance Military Healthcare Facility

April 28, 2023
Green Ideas is proud to be part of the team building a new high-performance 52,000 SF Dental Clinic on the island of Guam for members of the US military and their families. The project has targeted LEED Silver certification, ensuring a facility that is cost-effective to operate while serving the health and well-being of its occupants and patients. We have been part of the project from the beginning, supporting Caddell-NAN JV with their LEED certification efforts for the APRA Medical/Dental Clinic which requires 50 points for LEED Silver level certification within the LEED for New Construction rating system. Green Ideas created the mandated Sustainability Action Plan that details requirements for meeting High-Performance and Sustainable Building (HPSB) Guiding Principles and the LEED credits required to achieve LEED Silver certification for the Clinic. Caddell-NAN JV is implementing the requirements onsite to ensure implementation of the federal government’s high-performance building targets. Some of the sustainability goals for the APRA Medical/Dental Clinic include: Our project team is thrilled to help Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command’s (NAVFAC) exceed its expectations for providing a high-performance, sustainable facility that is consistent with its commitment to providing exceptional services to the Nation’s Armed Services. Green Ideas President Charlie Popeck stated “I’ve been honored to work with such a dedicated project team over the last few years and its good to know that Green Ideas is helping to achieve high-performance building results around the globe”.  The project will be receiving the coveted LEED Silver level certification later this year.

Charlie Popeck Explores Cement Performance and Sustainability with Architecture Students

April 13, 2023
As part of his ongoing mission to educate the industry about high-performance construction materials and methods, Green Ideas President Charlie Popeck recently brought a group of his School of Architecture students on an eye-opening tour of Salt River Materials Group’s (SRMG) Clarkdale Cement Plant. Charlie’s “Principles of Sustainability” students learned about the history of the Clarkdale, Arizona plant, saw the on-site sourcing of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and heard about the strict quality control methods being applied to SRMG’s cement products. Given the students’ coursework, Scott Palmer, SRMG’s Market Development Manager and Brett Lindsay, the Senior Director of Cement Operations and Environmental, focused on the sustainability and performance aspects of products from the plant. They provided detailed explanations about the recyclability of concrete products and how fly ash contributes to a sustainable High Volume Fly Ash (HVFA) concrete mix design. As in years past, the students were impressed with the attention to detail SRMG applies to their manufacturing process and their creativity was piqued by the many sustainable elements concrete products can provide to their future design projects. Charlie typically includes this tour as part of his popular “Principles of Sustainability” and “Applied Sustainable Construction” curriculum at The School of Architecture. Contact Charlie directly at Charlie@Egreenideas.com or 602-635-7925 to talk about how a sustainable concrete mix design can add to the sustainability of your projects or to learn about his experience in building science and high-performance building.

GBCI to Increase Pricing For LEED Registration & Certification Fees

April 4, 2023
GBCI recently announced that LEED registration and certification fees will increase overall by about 12% starting May 1, 2023. Fortunately, Green Ideas can help with project registrations for your current or future projects. Some fees can be paid in advance to avoid the incease and we can assist you through the process! Fees for the following LEED rating systems will increase Building Design and Construction (BD+C)-Includes Core and Shell Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) Neighborhood Development (ND) If you would like assistance navigating your options or if you have any questions about these increases, please contact us at info@Egreenideas.com or 602-635-7925.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal to Receive LEED Silver certification

December 22, 2022
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is wrapping up the eighth and final concourse at Terminal 4 with a coveted LEED Silver certification. Green Ideas is proud of their role supporting McCarthy Building Companies with their LEED Certification responsibilities on this high-profile project. Designed by Smith Group JJR and Corgan Architects, the T4S1 project is the eighth and final concourse at Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4. The 129,636 SF project is a 3-level concourse with a basement, apron, and passenger levels, and will also include connector and transfer bridges, an expanded security checkpoint, eight new gates, an expansion of the ticketing area, baggage handling upgrades, concessions and retail facilities. The CMAR construction contract was awarded to McCarthy who requested Green Ideas’ assistance with the General Contractor required LEED documentation. Green Ideas has a reputation for supporting General Contractors on innovative building projects, helping them achieve the highest levels of LEED certification for their clients. After 20 years in business we continue to find inspiration in every new project.

Green Ideas Celebrates 20 Years of Building Science Success

October 24, 2022
Contact: Charles Popeck President, Green Ideas 480-220-4330 Charlie@Egreenideas.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Green Ideas Celebrates 20 Years of Building Science Success   Download Press Release Phoenix, AZ–(October 6, 2022)– October 2022 marks Green Ideas Building Science Consultants’ 20th year of helping businesses, universities and Architecture-Engineering-Construction professionals create resource-efficient projects with minimal environmental impact and maximum return on investment. Charlie Popeck, President of Green Ideas and one of the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals in the United States, founded the Arizona Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2002, which was the second-ever chapter of the national non-profit organization. Charlie has personally trained more than 40,000 industry professionals to pass the LEED Professional Accreditation exams over the last twenty years. After two decades performing building science consultation, the company has completed over 150 high-performance building projects, including 110 LEED-certified projects throughout the country. From the iconic Phoenix Convention Center in Arizona (LEED Silver) to the BASF Near-Zero Energy Home in New Jersey (LEED Platinum), Green Ideas maintains its business approach to high-performance building design, construction, and operations. Other notable projects include the Intel Ocotillo Campus, one of the most complicated manufacturing facilities on earth, and the General Dynamics Roosevelt and Hayden facilities, the largest LEED-certified industrial projects in the U.S. at the time of its certification. A complete list of Green Ideas’ projects can be found here. Since its inception in 2002, Green Ideas has worked closely with many building owners and developers to save massive amounts of energy and water. Upon reaching the company’s 20th-year milestone, Charlie stated, “We’ve had some challenges transforming the commercial real estate market over the years but I’m proud of the energy and water savings we have achieved, as well as creating healthy indoor environments for building occupants…all while saving clients operating and maintenance costs.” About Green Ideas® Building Science ConsultantsGreen Ideas is a full-service building science consulting firm offering 3D energy and daylight modeling, building commissioning, and world-class LEED certification services. The firm is designated as a LEED Proven Provider by Green Business Certification Inc. and is a certified B Corporation. Its clients are building owners, architects, engineers, contractors, real estate developers, facility managers, and corporate entities wishing to establish business advantages through high-performance building practices. With a vision as bold as the results they achieve, Green Ideas is dedicated to transforming the market by promoting building science through a “triple bottom line” approach to business operations. Follow Green Ideas on Linkedin for more up-to-date information and latest projects.  

Green Ideas Achieves 100th LEED Certification

March 1, 2021
Contact: Charles Popeck President, Green Ideas 480-220-4330 Charlie@Egreenideas.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Green Ideas Achieves 100th LEED Certification   Download Press Release Phoenix, AZ–(December 1, 2020)–Green Ideas Building Science Consultants recently completed their 100th LEED Certified project for CVS/Aetna’s building located in the Cotton Center Business Park in Phoenix, Arizona. The newly constructed 80,000 square foot business center owned by Workspace Property Trust and occupied by Aetna Insurance achieved 50 LEED points and was awarded LEED Silver level certification by Green Business Certification, Inc. The certification was the 3rd facility certified by Aetna within Cotton Center. Developed by Workspace Property Trust, Vice President of Construction and Development Eric McHugh stated “Achieving LEED Certification for the new Cotton Center project is a high mark of building excellence for Workspace and our tenant, CVS/Aetna. We are laser-focused on efficient building operations and achievement of LEED certification for this project confirms that focus. Working with Green Ideas enabled us to achieve our intended results for this impressive project and we are honored to be Green Ideas’ 100th LEED certified project.” The project implemented a wide variety of sustainable strategies to achieve high percentages of energy savings. The building features energy efficient elements including occupancy sensors and lighting controls, as well as highly efficient HVAC systems that contribute towards the facility’s 45% energy savings as compared to a typical new building. All workspaces utilize daylighting to reduce the need for artificial lighting, while providing employees with excellent views to the outdoors and creating a pleasant indoor environment. Employee productivity was also a focus for the project. The space has been designed with several multi-function areas including a new concept called “collaboration stairs” which descend from the second floor to the café area, allowing approximately 75 people to gather for quick, informal meetings and also serves as a large gathering place for larger, “all-staff” events.  All workstations were ergonomically designed to include sit/stand workstations to reduce employee fatigue, but employees can work from various locations throughout the building in order to improve productivity and enhance well-being.  An outdoor patio seating area covered by sail shades encourages employees to enjoy the outdoors. CVS/Aetna’s overall sustainability mantra was a focus of the facility design. Water efficiency was maximized through specification of low-flow plumbing fixtures and limited landscaping, which resulted in more than a 78% reduction of potable water use. Additionally, the project strategy focused on the use of sustainable and low-emitting materials, including low VOC paints, adhesives, flooring, composite wood products and furniture systems to further improve the indoor environment. The project was a collaborative effort led by Workspace Property Trust, CVS/Aetna, Wespac Construction, Shive Hattery Architecture, Balmer Architecture, and Green Ideas Building Science Consultants. Green Ideas served as the High-Performance Building Strategist, Energy/Daylight Modeler, and LEED Consultant.  Green Ideas’ President Charlie Popeck has worked closely with many building owners and developers since founding the Arizona Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council in 2002 and has been the consultant for 100 LEED certified facilities throughout the United States.

Green Ideas Energy Modeling Services 2021

September 19, 2019
What is Energy Modeling? Energy Modeling is a necessary tool that progressive design teams utilize to implement a building science approach to the design, construction and operation of high-performance buildings.  However, Energy Modeling is often used incorrectly or at the wrong time, hindering the overall value of the tool. Our Approach Differentiates Design Teams! At Green Ideas, we utilize an Energy Model to better equip design teams with data for more informed decision making throughout the design process.  We engage an iterative methodology to Energy Modeling for comparative analysis, which provides a true building science design approach for project teams. Our process engages advanced visualization workflows so we can keep pace with stringent design timelines and budgets. Ultimately, Green Ideas will positively enhance the lifecycle operating costs for building owners (refer to Image 1 for sample energy cost data). Bringing Value to Design Teams through Advanced Energy Modeling. We utilize our proprietary Energy Modeling software and process to create Energy Models that work! Our experience with Energy Modeling and high-performance building design allows us to interact with design professionals and offer value-added recommendations that will improve the energy performance of your building.   Typical Energy Modeling Questions from Design Teams: Question 1: When should I perform an Energy Model? Answer: Our proprietary approach allows you to engage Energy Modeling and Building Science analysis from day one. While all projects differ, the earlier you engage energy conversations in the design process the better. We have provided value to design teams as early as the programming phase. Iterative peak load analysis during programming and space layout can often times reap great benefits down the line! In short, the earlier and more often you perform Energy Modeling, the better! Question 2: Can Green Ideas Energy Modeling software share information with my Revit model? Answer: Yes! Our approach to Energy Modeling integrates with existing Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows to enable expedited analysis and decision making. We can work with anything from a bar napkin sketch to a complex federated model (refer to Image 2 to see how an imported analysis model looks)! Question 3: How long does it take to get answers? What type of reporting can we expect? Answer: Our process for modeling and analysis has been created specifically to match the stringent nature and requirements of your design timeline. We aim to sync our deliverables with your project requirements in order to provide the most value. Our standard reporting method has been designed to help “tell the story” of design progression. We provide graphical results along with robust data reports so anyone on the team can understand the results (Image 3 is a sample of a schematic level summary report). Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your project delivery approach to enhance your design services. Contact us to learn more! We always want to work with innovative and progressive design teams! Let’s transform the built environment together!

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